MaxxClerk - Quick and easy document management

Document Capture

File your documents from just about anywhere.

The MaxxClerk Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is revolutionizing the small business world. Converting paper documents to electronic files enables greater efficiency, reduces costs and improves document security. Making document capture easy is one of the most important features of any EDMS solution. For this reason, MaxxClerk makes importing all of your documents and information a snap.

Eliminating paper documents has never been easier with the increased number of scanners available in most organizations, many of which are already in place as a feature of your photocopier. Multi-Function Peripherals (MFP) sold by the major copier companies can scan paper documents and send them directly to MaxxClerk for easy access. Documents can also be scanned directly to MaxxClerk from any TWAIN compliant scanner. Using barcode cover sheets, documents can be scanned in large batches as MaxxClerk will separate the documents when it reads the barcode.

Additionally, electronic office files or reports from your business software can be sent directly to MaxxClerk. Using the Print to MaxxClerk feature from virtually any application, a TIFF copy of the document can be sent directly to MaxxClerk. If the original format of the document is required, users can simple save the file to special MaxxClerk monitored network folders or they can drag and drop the file directly into MaxxClerk.


Improved productivity

Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users


Reduce the cost of paper storage

Reduction in copying and printing costs

Reduce shipping costs

Improved customer service

Greater document security

Improved record keeping

Business continuity

Regulatory compliance

"Green" technology